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The "other" category of Epicenter REST APIs includes "everything else" — such as account and project information, and the set of Model APIs that underly the aggregate Run API, Epicenter.js, and Flow.js.

As an Epicenter author, you have CRUD (create, read, update, delete) privileges for projects in your teams, and for some aspects of the teams to which you belong. However, you do not have access to team information for other Epicenter authors.

These APIs include:

  • Project API for working with team or personal projects.
  • Account API for working with accounts. In Epicenter, "account" is the generic term that encompasses both sets of personal projects (under the User ID of an individual Epicenter author) and sets of team projects (under the Team ID).
  • Asset API for working with data (files) for each project, scoped by project, group, or end user.
  • Time API for getting the server time. This can be helpful for trying to synchronize events in multiplayer games.
  • The Epicenter Model APIs allow you to play with a model.

    • Run: Create, read, update, and delete for runs of a project.

      For projects in the Epicenter platform, a "run" is a collection of end user interactions with a project and its model. Every time you want to interact with a project, you need to create a new run (using code that is either in your hosted online content or in your server-side scripting).

    • Variable: View and update the model variables within a run.

    • Operation: Take action on a run (e.g. perform calculations) using methods exposed by the model.

    • State: Bring an existing, persisted run from the database back into memory.

    • Introspect: View the variables and operations available in the model.