Multiple end users


I have been using Simulate to develop interactive simulations for my class (free version). I am migrating into epicenter because of the Flash issues. Each web session in simulate could have its own separate runs. Now in epicenter, it seems that each new simulation gets available to every single user in different sessions. Is there a free option for having separate end users playing with a model?



Hi – Thanks for the note.

Unfortunately, this is one of the features you get with the paid versions of Epicenter. If you look at the comparison of versions at

You can see that Personal plan has “0” Authenticated Projects, while the “Small Plan” has 1 Authenticated Project, the “Medium Plan” has 5 Authenticated Projects, etc.

An authenticated project is one that allows you to have different end users who log in with a username and password to access the simulation. Each user can have access to their own individually stored runs.




Thanks Will, I have another question. I am very much hesitant about paying for a subscription because the interface appears to be very unreliable and slow. I built a small interface using interface builder (see, and the response time to see comparative runs is very long. Am I doing something wrong?




Since the timestep in your model is 0.125, each run in a chart is plotting about a 1000 points (more when you’re plotting multiple runs). This amount data takes time to process, and is also more fidelity than can be practically noticed on a line-chart; I’d suggest one of the following:

Let us know if you have questions.