Problems with Managing Runs


Hi Will,

I’ve now finished the pages en tested the model, but find it difficult to understand the management of runs.

  1. I can’t find back the specific run names in the Run Manager - The Run Manager only shows dates of runs and I also didn’t succeed in using the search facility to recover the runs with the Run Manager. If I enter a run name in the search box I don’t get any results.

  2. When I change a specific run the results doesn’t show a changed version of this run, but show the results as a new run (however with the same run name). So I get different runs with the same name. This is problematic because with my model you want to experiment with many different parameter settings. Is there a way to avoid this? I would obviously be helpful if I could delete a preceding run version, but as I explained in 1 I fail to search with run-names in the Run Manager.

  3. After logging out I cannot recover the saved runs. This is a problem if users want to look back at previous runs after logging out? Is it possible to enable this and how?

  4. I’ve looked at the Run Manager documentation( but I have
    difficulties with matching the contents with the Run Manager as shown in the Interface Builder code in the related Interface page. Do you have guidelines which directly relate to the Interface Builder?

Another question concerns the response time. The Vensim model requires a time-step of 0.125 to enable specific integrations. The time unit is Years and the time horizon is 30 years. This means, I assume, 240 time steps. With 2 Runs it takes about 7 seconds to show the graphs (on my laptop) once a page is opened. Can this be speeded up if the web application samples per year? If not, 7 seconds will do.

Hopefully you will be able to help me with the run management problems.

Thanks again,


In addition to point 2 in my previous post it may be useful to clarify the process I envisage.
I expect users to compare a few scenario’s. Each scenario will require a number of “generate and test” iterations before being finalized (there are quite a lot of parameter settings involved).
Therefore runs linked to modifications of a specific scenario should preferably be saved under the unique name of this scenario.

Hi Joaquim,

Sorry for the delay – We are researching answers to your questions and will reply back Monday.


Hi Will
Below you’ll find the translated introduction for users of the CDB application explaining the ideal functionality I envisage. I thought this may be useful with respect to the previous topics.

By default CDB starts with a “Base-line” scenario based on the continuation of 2020 values until 2050.
Develop your own scenario’s as follows:

  1. Enter a “scenario name”. We advise to number your scenario’s (e.g. Scenario 0.1)
  2. Change relevant parameters using the sliders.
  3. After having reset all relevant parameters, save your scenario with the button “Save and Simulate
  4. Analyse the impact of your scenario’s in the sections …
  5. If you want to change your scenario, select the name in the window “Name” and click “Reset”.
  6. Enter your changes with the sliders an click again on “Save and Simulate” The previous version of your scenario will be replaced.
  7. If you want to enter a new scenario repeat steps 1 to 3

The Run Manager shows an overview of your scenario’s. You may also delete obsolete scenario’s on this page.
*After logging out you’ll be able to have another look at your scenario’s later

Hi Will

Following Jan Veenstra’s e-mail, I would like to add to my previous posts his suggestion to create 2 buttons: Save as new simulation and Save existing simulation. (eventually replacing existing by this). Do you have this option at hand? If not, is it possible for Jan and his team to adapt it in the Epicentre environment and could you support us with that? looking forward to your reply!
Kind regards, Joaquim

Hi Will, I am having this same problem in a couple of simulations. Do you have any guidance? In case it helps, when I am in the Interface Builder, I get this error message when I try the Run Manager;saved=true;trashed=false;model=GORA.vmfx/?sort=created&direction=desc&include=&startRecord=77&endRecord=127
416: Requested Range Not Satisfiable

Hi Luna – I’ve responded on the other thread. --> WILL