Forio Turns 15

Reflecting on Our 15 Years

While in grad school I participated in a simulation that changed the path of my career. I discovered that, unlike simply reading case studies, my classmates and I could simulate the failed procedures and strategies of a real company and try new approaches until we were successful. I fell in love with that iterative process of experimentation — it was a great way to learn and it was also fun! My business partner Will Glass-Husain and I started Forio with the idea of bringing those simulation-based learning experiences to anyone with a web browser.

Fifteen years ago, we began by taking case studies and concepts from the textbook to the computer, allowing students to interact with these materials in an exciting and dynamic way. Since then we have evolved, and we are now a firm of over twenty who significantly impact professional business education. Over 60% of all students enrolled in an MBA program will use a Forio simulation before they graduate. We have developed hundreds of simulations for some of the top universities and corporations worldwide, powered by our simulation development platform, Forio Epicenter.

Each of our projects is crafted with the mindset that it will be the best simulation we have ever made. We have seen some truly amazing things built with our platform so far, but we constantly challenge ourselves and our clients to dream bigger. We will continue to improve the simulation-based learning experience, and are excited for what the future holds.


Michael Bean President & Co-Founder

Highlights of Our 15 Years

  • Forio is founded
    Co-founders Michael Bean and Will Glass-Husain continue to lead the company today.
  • 2002
    First business simulation
    This sim is custom-built for a large Midwest power company.
  • 2002
    Forio Broadcast release
    Broadcast is the first generation of Forio's platform for simulation, modeling, and analytics.
  • 2003
    MIT partnership begins
    Forio launches a suite of pre-built business simulations, developed in partnership with faculty at MIT and other institutions. These simulations (or updated versions of them) are still used in MBA classes.
  • 2006
    Wharton partnership begins
    Forio and Wharton collaborate to develop an elaborate, multiplayer simulation for the Wharton Executive Development Program, an intensive two-week executive course. This collaboration is ongoing and has produced several additional simulations used in Wharton's graduate and undergraduate programs.
  • 2007
    Harvard Business School Publishing partnership begins
    HBP and Forio begin working together to create the Everest Team Decision Making and Universal Car Rental Pricing simulations. These are the first of more than 20 simulations Forio develops in collaboration with HBP and HBS faculty, all built on the Forio platform.
  • 2007
    First predictive analytics simulation
    Branching out from higher education and corporate training, Forio works with the BioBusiness Alliance on an analytics simulation used in energy policy planning & analysis.
  • 2009
    Forio Simulate release
    Simulate is the second generation of Forio's platform for simulation, modeling, and analytics.
  • 2014
    Forio Contour release
    Forio's powerful JavaScript visualization library is free and open source.
  • 2014
    Forio Epicenter release
    Epicenter is the third, and current, generation of Forio's powerful platform for simulation, modeling, and analytics. It supports modeling in Python, R, Julia, and systems dynamics languages, includes an HTML5 drag-and-drop UI builder, and is the first Forio platform to fully support team collaboration for developing projects.
  • 2015
    Stanford Business School partnership begins
    Stanford Business School and Forio collaborate to create a series of simulations on negotiation and market strategies, used in Stanford's graduate-level business classes.

Awards & Accolades

  • Brandon Hall Research | Excellence in Technology | Bronze
    Forio Simulate is awarded bronze in the Brandon Hall Research, Excellence in Technology Awards.
  • MITX | MITX eLearning | Best of Show
    Leadership & Teamwork: Everest wins the MITX eLearning category.
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  • Serious Play Awards | Silver
    Innovation: Back Bay Battery is awarded silver in the Education category.
    View the Simulation in our Store
  • Serious Play Awards | Bronze
    Organizational Behavior: Judgment in a Crisis is awarded bronze in the Corporate category.
    View the Simulation in our Store
  • SIIA CODiE Awards | Finalist
    Change Management: Power & Influence is a finalist for the Best Game-Based Curriculum Solution.
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  • Best Of Elearning | Simulation | Award of Excellence
    The Forio Epicenter Simulation Platform is awarded the Award of Excellence in the Simulations category, as voted on by industry learning executives.
    View our Epicenter platform
  • Reimagine Education STARS Awards | Silver
    Looking Glass, an Alternate Reality Teaching (ART) experience for MBA students, earns Silver for both the Hybrid Learning and the Social Sciences & MBA categories.
    Alternate Reality Teaching, Startup Experience Through the Years

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