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Flow.js: Converters

Converters allow you to change how data is displayed. They let you display the value of any model variable in a different format than it is stored in the model -- converting the output value from one format to another.

There are two ways to specify conversion or formatting for the display output of a particular model variable:

  • Use the | (pipe) character within the value of any data-f- attribute. Converters are chainable, so you can apply several in a row to a particular variable:

      <span data-f-bind="widgets | last | #,###"></span>
  • Add the attribute data-f-convert to any element to convert all of the model variables referenced within that element's scope:

      <div data-f-convert="$0.">
          <span data-f-bind="cost"></span>
          <span data-f-bind="revenue"></span>

Basic converting and formatting options are built in to Flow.js. You can also create your own.

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