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Class Attribute: data-f-class

You can bind model variables to names of CSS classes, so that you can easily change the styling of HTML elements based on the values of model variables.

To bind model variables to CSS classes:

  1. Add the data-f-class attribute to an HTML element.
  2. Set the value to the name of the model variable.
  3. Optionally, add an additional class attribute to the HTML element.
    • If you only use the data-f-class attribute, the value of data-f-class is the class name.
    • If you also add a class attribute, the value of data-f-class is appended to the class name.
  4. Add classes to your CSS code whose names include possible values of that model variable.


 <style type="text/css">
     .North { color: grey }
     .South { color: purple }
     .East { color: blue }
     .West { color: orange }
     .sales.good { color: green }
     .sales.bad { color: red }
     .sales.value-100 { color: yellow }

  <div data-f-class="salesMgr.region">
      Content colored by region

  <div data-f-class="salesMgr.performance" class="sales">
      Content green if salesMgr.performance is good, red if bad

  <div data-f-class="salesMgr.numRegions" class="sales">
      Content yellow if salesMgr.numRegions is 100