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Display Elements Conditionally (hideif)

The data-f-hideif attribute allows you to hide DOM elements based on either the value of the model variable (true or false), or the value of a comparison (Number Comparison Converter) using a model variable.


 <!-- model variable already has a boolean value -->
 <div data-f-hideif="sampleBooleanModelVariable">Remains hidden if the model variable is true</div>

 <!-- chain with the greaterThan converter to produce a boolean value, 
     text is hidden when widgets is greater than 10 -->
 <div data-f-hideif="widgets | greaterThan(10)"/>Get to work, we need to sell more widgets!</div>


  • By default, the DOM element to which you add the data-f-hideif attribute is not displayed.
  • You can chain model variable(s) together with any number of converters. The result of the conversion must be boolean.