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Default Attribute Handling: Read-only Binding

Flow.js uses the HTML5 convention of prepending data- to any custom HTML attribute. Flow.js also adds f for easy identification of Flow.js. For example, Flow.js provides several custom attributes and attribute handlers -- including data-f-bind, data-f-foreach, data-f-on-init, etc. You can also add your own attribute handlers.

The default behavior for handling a known attribute is to use the value of the model variable as the value of the attribute. (There are exceptions for some boolean attributes.)

This means you can bind variables from the model in your interface by adding the data-f- prefix to any standard DOM attribute. This attribute binding is read-only, so as the model changes, the interface is automatically updated; but when users change values in the interface, no action occurs.

To display a DOM element based on a variable from the model:

  1. Add the prefix data-f- to any attribute in any HTML element that normally takes a value.
  2. Set the value of the attribute to the name of the model variable.


    <!-- input element displays value of sample_int, however,
        no call to the model is made if user changes sample_int

        if sample_int is 8, this is the equivalent of <input value="8"></input> -->

    <input data-f-value="sample_int"></input>