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Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

In the default case, the data-f-bind attribute creates a bi-directional binding between the DOM element and the model variable. This binding is bi-directional, meaning that as the model changes, the interface is automatically updated; and when end users change values in the interface, the model is automatically updated.

Flow.js provides special handling for DOM elements with type="checkbox" and type="radio".

In particular, if you add the data-f-bind attribute to an input with type="checkbox" and type="radio", the checkbox or radio button is automatically selected if the value matches the value of the model variable referenced, or if the model variable is true.


 <!-- radio button, selected if sampleInt is 8 -->
 <input type="radio" data-f-bind="sampleInt" value="8" />

 <!-- checkbox, checked if sampleBool is true -->
 <input type="checkbox" data-f-bind="sampleBool" />