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Leading universities and corporations around the world use our platform to illustrate, understand, and predict complexities in leadership, negotiation, operations, forecasting, and management.

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Build world-class educational simulations & analytics applications
Provide a computational platform for hosting server-side models, creating interactive interfaces, and sharing insights

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Applications Realized Through Epicenter

In collaboration with our customers, we've used the Forio platform to create applications that educate & delight users worldwide.
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Route Optimizer

The Route Optimizer application uses linear optimization (in Julia) and Google Maps to create the shortest route for various adventures. Most solutions to the traveling salesman problem focus on minimizing distances but, by using real-time traffic data available as an API service, this application optimizes routes based on duration instead. Read more about how we made it.

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Stock Market Investment Planner

The Investment Portfolio application uses a Monte Carlo simulation (in Python) to simulate market positions based on historical data. Adjust your portfolio to achieve a higher average return while minimizing your chance of losing money. Then, see where your results rank on the leaderboard.

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Nurse Scheduler (IBM CPLEX)

The Nurse Scheduler tackles the weekly scheduling challenges of a typical enterprise. In this case, the workers are nurses with different skill sets across Oncology, Cardiac Care, and Emergency Room services. The nurses have various pay rates and ever-changing compatibility preferences. For a given a set of workers and a desired schedule, the application optimizes all the shifts for the week. It balances costs, fairness, and worker hours based on how you wish to weight the constraints.

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ReThink Health

The ReThink Health application is a simulation for improving the health of communities. Policy makers select initiatives, group them into scenarios, and analyze trends in the resulting outcomes. Policy makers work together to explore promising ways to enhance population health, care for those who are ill, achieve health equity, and lower health care costs. Read more about how it's used.

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