What is Epicenter?

Epicenter delivers the future of simulations and analytics to your audience with simplicity. It's a computational platform for hosting server-side models, creating interactive web and mobile applications, and sharing insights.

Epicenter lets you quickly build simulations for education, training, forecasting or predictive analytics, even games; whatever your model can do, Epicenter can host your interface. Let your audience explore for themselves, without needing a background in analytics or modeling.

Powerful Tools for Simulation and Data Analysis

Epicenter provides several tools so you can quickly and easily create a beautiful interface. Whether you are a web novice or a seasoned developer, Epicenter can connect your model to your users.

The Route Optimizer by Forio

Interface Builder

The Interface Builder provides a stunning interface for your model. Simply choose a template that fits your model, and you're ready to go.

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If you are familiar with HTML, use Epicenter's Flow.js to connect model variables and functions by adding data attributes to DOM elements.

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Know JavaScript like the back of your hand? Use Epicenter.js to connect your UI directly to your model using our APIs. The sky's the limit!

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Flow of an Epicenter Project. Step 3

The Near-Beer Game made using Forio Epicenter, check it out!

Easily Publish and Share Your Project

When you are satisfied that your model & interface are ready for the world, simply click to make your project public.

You'll have a secure, cloud-based workspace for running your simulation, and a unique link that you can easily send to friends, colleagues & clients. You can make your project open to all, or password-protect it for select users, perfect for sensitive data.