Our public policy solutions allow policy makers to select initiatives, compare scenarios, analyze outcomes, and share results.

Organizations like ReThink Health, Latino Decisions, World Bank, and the Centers for Disease Control have discovered how easy it is to design policies, create customized policy models, facilitate decision-making, build stakeholder consensus, and share insights with applications by Forio. Whether your focus is analyzing the impacts of public policy alternatives or planning strategic initiatives, our platform eliminates the static scenario models created when data is passed through Excel to PowerPoint.

While many empirical studies look at one or two initiatives, interactive simulations and their underlying models allow policy makers to see combinatorial effects of initiatives in a way that’s just not possible through a review of literature. Comparing ‘scenarios’ — groupings of initiatives — and reviewing outcomes highlights effective strategies for organizations to pursue.

Our Approach

Our multi-phase and integrated approach combines advanced development tools and design expertise, resulting in a customized application with a professional appearance, sophisticated modeling, and comprehensive support.

We can:

  • Review your requirements and work with you to explore creative analysis and visualization opportunities
  • Design full-color mockups of simulation ideas
  • Develop an interactive simulation based on a design we develop or one that you already have
  • Test your application to ensure it works successfully on a variety of browsers and devices including computers, tablets, and smart phones

Some of Our Work in Public Policy

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