HIV/AIDS Provincial Planning Simulator

Made with Management Sciences for Health, Vietnam.

Project Description

The HIV/AIDS Provincial Planning Simulator, developed for Management Sciences for Health (MSH), is designed to encourage and support joint planning by diverse stakeholders interested in reducing the human and financial costs of HIV and AIDS. The simulation allows local healthcare practitioners to plan for prevention and treatment interventions, and to share their expertise using an accessible online tool.

Through a series of workshops with local healthcare practitioners, MSH first worked with Gary Hirsh, a noted system dynamics modeler with particular experience in health issues and policy. Together they developed a model that could provide data about a given strategy or set of interventions.

Forio was brought in to make the model available to more users: At Forio, it’s our business to help make models and analyses of all kinds accessible to broader audiences. We developed a browser-based, localized user interface for the model. Today, this simulation can be used by anyone with a web browser and an internet connection, in both Vietnamese and English.

Stakeholders, such as policy makers from the Departments of Health and Labor, meet to explore and test different scenarios within the tool. After identifying key factors and exploring relationships between factors, stakeholders gain insights into the impacts and interdependencies of specific interventions for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.

Read the full story about how the simulation is used today.

HIV/AIDS Provincial Planning Simulator

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