We create software products that enable simulations, data explorations, and predictive analytics.

"We believe that the power of data visualizations and interactive learning is transformative.

We believe in continual learning and discovery for ourselves and our customers."

Many customers use our tools to build their own explorations. Forio Epicenter brings together years of experience with mathematical modeling languages and best-in-breed web technologies. Forio has addressed the challenges of security and performance to provide an enterprise-class software development platform. Epicenter makes it easy to turn sophisticated analyses into interactive, memorable web applications that anyone can use.

We also develop custom software, designed collaboratively with our customers. Our software and services are used by businesses, universities, and government agencies around the world. Our simulations focus on training and strategic planning for current and aspiring mid- and senior-level managers. Our data visualizations, explorations, and predictive analytics focus on enabling organizations to understand and improve their decision-making.

Our Timeline
  • 2001
    Forio is founded
  • 2002
    First business simulation
    Forio Broadcast release
  • 2003
    MIT partnership begins
  • 2006
    Wharton partnership begins
  • 2007
    Harvard Business School Publishing partnership begins
    First predictive analytics simulation
  • 2009
    Forio Simulate release
  • 2014
    Forio Contour release
    Forio Epicenter release
  • 2015
    Stanford Business School partnership begins
  • 2016
    The Interface Builder (Template Tool) release
  • 2017
    The Forio Role Playing Simulation release
Awards & Accolades
  • Brandon Hall Research

    Excellence in Technology | Bronze

    Forio Simulate is awarded bronze in the Brandon Hall Research, Excellence in Technology Awards.

  • MITX

    MITX eLearning | Best of Show

    Leadership & Teamwork: Everest wins the MITX eLearning category.

    View the Simulation in our Portfolio
  • Serious Play Awards


    Innovation: Back Bay Battery is awarded silver in the Education category.

    View the Simulation in our Store
  • Serious Play Awards


    Organizational Behavior: Judgment in a Crisis is awarded bronze in the Corporate category.

    View the Simulation in our Portfolio
  • SIIA CODiE Awards


    Change Management: Power & Influence is a finalist for the Best Game-Based Curriculum Solution.

    View the Simulation in our Store
  • Best Of Elearning

    Simulation | Award of Excellence

    The Forio Epicenter Simulation Platform is awarded the Award of Excellence in the Simulations category, as voted on by industry learning executives.

    View our Epicenter platform
  • Reimagine Education STARS Awards


    Looking Glass, an Alternate Reality Teaching (ART) experience for MBA students, earns Silver for both the Hybrid Learning and the Social Sciences & MBA categories.

    View the Simulation in our Portfolio
  • Serious Play Awards


    Data Analytics: Strategic Decision Making is awarded silver in the Higher Education Category.

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  • Serious Play Awards


    Econland is awarded silver in the Education Category.

  • Serious Play Awards


    Breaking News: Innovation Simulation is awarded Gold in the Education Category.

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The Forio Team

Michael Bean

President & Co-Founder

Will Glass-Husain

Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder

Julie Adams

Software Developer

David Berkman

Software Development Manager

Bahar Delibas

Sales & Customer Support Representative

Carlos Flores

Software Developer

Lexi Gevisenheit

UX/UI Designer

Geromel Grate

QA Manager

Jonathan Neely

Software Developer

Mariel Pacada

Software Developer

Mason Pilcher

Software Developer

Rob Pratt

Quality Assurance Engineer

Jacob Premo

Software Developer

Ruby Rinken

Software Developer

Brock Vickers

Simulation Sales & Support