At Forio, we have more than a decade of experience creating custom simulations to enhance training processes at businesses large and small.

Simulations are highly effective teaching tools that have been a staple of training for years in industries like aviation and healthcare. When applied in business, simulations allow learners to simultaneously:

  • Explore required material through interactive learning
  • Work in team-based competitive or collaborative scenarios
  • Pick up additional, crucial ‘soft’ skills
  • Participate in a network for continued learning

We’ve collaborated to design and deliver engaging, web-based, interactive learning solutions for a wide range of industries. We’ve also helped training specialists and consultants enhance the curriculum they deliver to clients. For example, one Forio partner has built an extensive suite of simulations based on their specialized knowledge of the healthcare industry. Another has built their own multiplayer management game to train their next generation of business leaders.

Why Use Simulation-Based Learning?

Simulation-Based Learning Hands-On or In-Person Training Traditional Training Methods
(lectures, online tutorials, etc.)
Highly Engaging
Immediate Feedback
Learning Pace Individually Tailored
Knowledge is Easily Transferred to Real World
Learner-to-Learner Assessment & Comparison
Low Physical Risk / Liability

Engage Your Audience

Engaged Corporate Training Audience

Drawing from our extensive experience with technology-based learning methods and online business training, we’ve identified that successful online training simulations:

  • Use innovative visual aesthetics and intuitive interfaces to facilitate learning
  • Engage learners by letting them personalize their learning environment
  • Deliver content through multiple languages and forms of media
  • Provide constant feedback and incentives to improve
  • Foster collaboration and competition
  • Set intermediate checkpoints for learners to assess understanding of subject material
  • Provide opportunities for facilitation and debriefing

Our Approach

Our multi-phase and integrated approach combines advanced development tools and design expertise, resulting in a customized application with a professional appearance, sophisticated modeling, and comprehensive support.

We can:

  • Review your requirements and work with you to explore creative training opportunities
  • Design full-color mockups of training simulation ideas
  • Develop an interactive application based on a design we develop or one that you already have
  • Test your simulation to ensure it works successfully on a variety of browsers and devices including computers, tablets, and smart phones

Ready-to-Run Training Simulations

Use proven simulations in your higher education classrooms or corporate trainings. Our content is developed by experts, including faculty at Harvard, MIT, Wharton & other premier business schools.

Some of Our Work in Corporate Training

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