Alternative Fuel Vehicle Simulator

Made with MIT.

Project Description

The Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Simulator lets anyone interested in high fuel prices, energy security, or climate change experiment with different policies to promote AFVs for the US auto market. The goal is to bring together the various fuels and their proponents to create a cleaner future.

Using the model developed by David Keith, John Sterman, and Sergey Naumov of MIT, Forio created an intuitive interface for both single-player and classroom-based explorations.

“Hydrogen, biofuels, electricity, and even natural gas have been discussed, but no one fuel has made its way to the forefront. Part of the challenge is understanding why we choose what we choose.” Professor David Keith

The simulation allows users to introduce environmental policies, offer incentives for the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles and their fuel, and explore the impact of different future energy price scenarios on vehicle choice, energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and firm performance.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Simulator
Alternative Fuel Vehicle Simulator

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