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Forio in the News

Our round up of recent mentions of Forio in the press — if you are interested in more information in any of the items below, let us know!

Using Simulations in Higher Education

Using simulations in higher education is quite common, for a wide variety of reasons. Campus Technology (March 2015) looked specifically at broadening the use of simulations for both addressing a variety of learning styles and providing a range of options for assessment. They included Forio as an example of a platform to do just that:

Faculty should give students a range of options for demonstrating their knowledge … such as creating an artifact, performing a task or even completing a simulation.

The San Francisco company Forio offers a platform for universities to build their own simulations, and many business schools — including Harvard Business School (MA) and the Wharton School of Business (PA) — have partnered with Forio to develop simulations as part of their curriculum.

Importance of Chief Learning Architects in Corporate Trainings

Bersin by Deloitte has provided some nice background on corporate training and the importance of a Chief Learning Architect. Having a C-level executive to provide “a guideline for the L&D and business leaders to develop and deliver training and knowledge sharing” is crucial for ensuring your corporate training is effective.

Forio is referenced as one of several companies adding visual design, customization, and gamification in the corporate learning space. You can read more about our work in corporate training here.

Reviews from INFORMS Analytics

We attended the INFORMS Analytics Conference earlier this week, presenting a workshop on Creating and Publishing Interactive Online Analytics Applications and also a tutorial on Creating Interactive Analytics on the Web with Forio Epicenter. Early reviews are in!

The presenter, [Michael] Bean, showed how they host analytic models online. While someone might do this to take advantage of the speed of cloud computing, the benefit of anyone being able to play around with a model is what caught my eye…

I could play around with an intuitive model that shows the HIV rates given a variety of different mitigation approaches. And by playing around in the model, in the data, anyone online could start to understand the complexities of such an issue (even if they never become an expert on them). Make models. Make them available online. Let the world play with it – and discover how the world thinks. That wasn’t necessarily what Mike Bean intended for me to take away, but I loved the idea so much I had to share it.

Read the full review of Forio’s workshop or see all of the blog reports from the conference.

Reviews from DevLearn

Finally, we attended the DevLearn Conference late last year. We featured our platform, Epicenter, at our workshop DIY Online Simulation Tools for Business Education as part of the conference, and piqued the interest of the folks at E-Learning 24/7:

I am very intrigued with this solution … The premise of a sim authoring platform that comes with pre-built sims and you get to build your own at a more affordable price that other sim platform, well that is enough to make me say, “show me!”.

Read the full conference review from the E-Learning 24/7 Blog.