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Forio @ INFORMS 2015 Annual Meeting


Join Forio at the INFORMS Annual Meeting. Each year, the INFORMS meeting brings together experts from academia, industry, and government to consider a broad range of ORMS and analytics research and applications, bridging data and decisions.

On Sunday, November 1, Forio is giving a software demonstration, Publishing Interactive Analytics or Operations Research Models on the Web.

Abstract. Forio’s web platform makes your analytic model available to hundreds of people within your organization through the browser. We will start with an introduction to the platform and example analytics applications. Then we’ll divide the workshop into two parts. In the first part we will teach you how to get your analysis on a server so it can be shared. In the second part we’ll focus on creating a user interface for your model.

Additionally, Forio will have a booth at the INFORMS Expo, November 1-4. Stop by and say hello!