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January Julia Users Meetups

Wishing you could discuss Julia somewhere besides the julia-users mailing list? Start the new year by attending some of the upcoming Julia Users meetups.

  • January 6, 7, and 14, Cambridge — C.A.J.U.N (Cambridge Area Julia Users Network) presents Julia tutorials at MIT’s IAP and Harvard’s ComputeFest. Details.
  • January 7, Chicago — The inaugural meeting of Chicago-area Julia enthusiasts will discuss the goals of the group, potential speakers and topics, and strategies for spreading “the Gospel of Julia.” Details.
  • January 15, London — The inaugural meeting of the London Julia User Group is themed “Getting started with Julia.” Details.
  • January 16, San FranciscoBay Area Julia Users Meetup #3 will be hosted at Forio’s offices. Featured presentations:
    • Westley Hennigh introducing Lumberjack.jl, a logging library for Julia.
    • Jason Merrill presenting Truncated Power Series (PowerSeries.jl).