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New from Harvard: Food Truck Challenge

Harvard Business Publishing and Forio have released a new simulation, New Venture Exercise: The Food Truck Challenge. Content for the simulation was created by Professor Michael Roberto, author of the best-selling simulation Everest, and Harvard Business Publishing. The simulation was developed by Forio on Forio’s platform, Epicenter.

Food Truck Challenge

New Venture Exercise: The Food Truck Challenge

In this exercise, students play the role of an entrepreneur and strive to maximize their revenue over five simulated weeks by selling ice cream, frozen yogurt, or smoothies at various locations in the city of Boomtown. Working individually or in teams, students review basic market data, and then are faced with a choice: They can conduct additional market research, open a food truck immediately, or open a small pushcart. During each simulated week, students can modify their choice. Instructors choose from three scenarios available in the underlying model, each with different optimal outcomes — so students can play a second time after a debriefing session, and apply what they’ve learned, without knowing the solution as they attempt the exercise a second time.

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