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New from Harvard: Global Supply Chain Management Simulation

Harvard Business Publishing and Forio have released a new simulation, Global Supply Chain Management. Content for the simulation was created by Professor Janice H. Hammond and Harvard Business Publishing. The simulation was developed by Forio on Forio’s platform, Epicenter.

Global Supply Chain

Global Supply Chain Management Simulation

In this single-player simulation, students are in charge of the supply chain of a global mobile phone manufacturer. Students must design the product line, forecast demand, choose a set of suppliers (each of which has different costs, lead-times, and capacities), and allocate production among their suppliers. Students then observe actual demand, and have opportunities to respond to demand shifts and unexpected events over the course of four simulated years. Students are scored both on their cumulative results, reflected in their profits, and on their process choices, reflected by the support of board members with specific expertise and perspectives. Ultimately, students must balance competing priorities and create a flexible supply chain to react quickly to fluctuating demand.

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