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New Management and Negotiation Simulations from Wharton: OPEQ and The Startup Game

The Wharton School has recently released two simulations focusing on management and negotiation. Developed by Wharton for use in undergraduate courses and Executive MBA programs, both simulations are built on the Forio platform and are now available for general audiences.

OPEQ Simulation

Negotiation: OPEQ

In this highly interactive, team-based simulation, groups of students act as member nations of “OPEQ,” setting petroleum production levels with competing countries in order to maximize cumulative profits. Each country is played by a small team of students, working in varying degrees of isolation from the other countries. Students explore the factors that promote and inhibit cooperation, including communication, competition, relational frame, accountability, group size, and future relationship.

Startup Game

Entrepreneurship: The Startup Game

In this simulation, students play the role of different stakeholders in a market full of early-stage startups: founders, investors, or employees. Students in all roles compete and cooperate in order to fund, join, and grow startups. In addition to an extensive teaching note, the simulation includes a video from simulation designer Prof. Ethan Mollick and video interviews with successful entrepreneurs and investors for use during the classroom debrief session.