Organizational Behavior Simulation: Leveraging Networks

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Simulation Overview

The Leveraging Network simulation focuses on concepts such as network structures and properties, social capital, reciprocity, power and influence, and the importance of networking.

The Story

In this 7+ player synchronous simulation, learners have a goal of obtaining certain key resources from their network as quickly as possible. Learners communicate and exchange resources with other players they are directly connected to-but no one else. As the participants work their network to find the resources they need, it becomes clear that certain players are in more strategically advantageous positions than others.

Learning Focus

  • Demonstrates how the properties of one’s network affect one’s ability to derive benefits from it.
  • Change perceptions of networking as selfish, opportunistic, or insincere by recognizing its benefits and potential for reciprocity.

Topics Covered

  • Communication
  • Organizational behavior
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Group behavior
  • Interpersonal behavior
  • Network

See it in Action

This simulation is WCAG Compliant for the participants.

Each simulation comes with a Teaching Guidebook for the facilitator along with 1:1 facilitator training and free trials.

This simulation is by Spela Trefalt, Harvard Business School Publishing, and Forio

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