Leadership and Teamwork Simulations Webinar

Simulations are highly effective teaching tools, particularly for training on leadership, communication, management, and other topics with multiple paths to success. The ability to practice what you’re learning — and to describe, share, and analyze those results with other learners — is crucial to evaluating the pros and cons of different approaches. During this webinar we’ll share a few of the best ones with you to give you insights into how these could be used in your own leadership or teamwork training program or inspire you to build your own leadership simulation.

New Simulations from Forio

Forio’s team of simulation designers and developers have created several new simulations in 2019 that are now available for use in our simulation store. In this webinar, we will review the latest simulations running on Forio Epicenter, demonstrate examples of each, discuss how these simulations benefit learners, and identify when it is appropriate to use each kind.

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