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Creating Charts with Forio Contour: Free Webinar

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Join us for a free webinar hosted by Contour’s lead developer, Jaime del Palacio.

Creating Charts with Forio Contour

When: Tuesday, April 22 at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific.

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Forio Contour is a new JavaScript library that provides an easy-to-use set of common visualizations, plus a framework for extending them. Contour is a free and open source library based on D3, with high quality documentation and easy-to-follow examples. Contour is fast, able to display thousands of points in milliseconds, and designed for sophisticated data visualizations and dashboards. Contour is available at

For this session, we’ll walk through how to create great visualizations using a combination of JavaScript and Forio Contour. First we’ll see how simple it is to create complete charts using the Contour core components. Next we’ll build on this by creating custom components and adding additional styling. We’ll finish up with some exploration of more complex data sets using Contour’s data connectors.

This webinar assumes basic JavaScript and HTML knowledge.

Jaime del Palacio is a Senior Front End Developer at Forio and is the lead developer of Forio Contour. He works in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS on interactive visualizations.