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Learning Solutions Conference & Expo


Join Forio at the 2015 Learning Solutions Conference & Expo, March 25-27 in Orlando, Florida.

Forio will be presenting as part of the LS DemoFest, March 26 from 4:45-6:45pm. The DemoFest is a fun and educational opportunity to see eLearning in action. Like a science fair, DemoFest is a collective showcase of eLearning examples where conference participants show off their latest projects.

Forio’s presentation, Online Simulation of Making Decisions in a Product Launch Crisis, will be given by Michael Bean and Lin Mahoney of Harvard Business Publishing. Michael and Lin will demonstrate one of our newest simulations, Organizational Behavior: Judgment in a Crisis. This simulation explores issues related to human judgment, cognitive bias, and decision-making during a product launch crisis. Content for the simulation was created by Professor Michael Roberto, author of the best-selling Everest: Leadership and Teamwork simulation, and Harvard Business Publishing. The simulation was developed by Forio on Forio’s new platform, Epicenter.

Forio will also be at the Learning Solutions Expo each day of the conference. Stop by and say hello!