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Forio and Public Policy: 2015 NASPAA Annual Conference


Join Forio at the 2015 NASPAA Annual Conference. NASPAA (Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration) is the membership organization of graduate education programs in public policy, public affairs, public administration, and public & nonprofit management.

We’ll be in the Exhibit Hall Thursday and Friday — stop by to say hello and ask us about our work with public policy simulations.

At Forio, we worked with NASPAA earlier this year when our ReThink Health simulation was featured in the first ever NASPAA student competition. You can learn more about the success of this competition during the Friday conference session The NASPAA Student Simulation Competition: What’s Ahead in 2016 and Beyond.

Abstract: Simulations have long been used in business schools, law schools, and engineering schools. Only recently have they also been adapted for use in public service education. In February 2015, NASPAA conducted the inaugural student competition. Nearly 200 students from 90 schools participated and the results were dynamic. The students created solutions that if implemented across the United States would save $600+ billion dollars in the next 25 years. This panel provides an overview of the competition, identifies ways that programs can use the materials in their curriculum, and shares preliminary details on the 2016 competition.