Renewable Resource Management Simulation

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Simulation Overview

Sustainable resource management is an essential skill for businesses and policy makers alike. The Fishbanks simulation provides the participants with the opportunity to understand the dynamics of common pools of renewable resources and experiment with sustainable governance of those resources.

This simulation is available in: English, Spanish, Portuguese, & Chinese

The Story

In this multiplayer synchronous simulation, learners take on the role of fishing companies, competing against other players to maximize net worth. Learners buy, sell, and build ships, decide where to fish, and negotiate with one another. Facilitators can set different policy options in the game, including instituting permits and quotas.

Learning Focus

  • Understand the dynamics of renewable resource stocks
  • Experience the tragedy of the commons: overexploitation of common pool resources
  • Analyze feedback processes that control extraction and regeneration of resources
  • Experiment with governance of common pool resources

Topics Covered

  • Resource Dynamics & Sustainable Resource Management
  • Tragedy of the Commons
  • Game Theory
  • Misperceptions of Feedback

Each simulation comes with a Teaching Guidebook for the facilitator along with 1:1 facilitator training and free trials.

This simulation is by John Sterman, MIT Sloan School of Management, and Forio

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