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Individual Student Engagement

Each student receives an individual account with personal login to the simulation. Students work individually or in teams, exploring and experimenting as they complete the simulation's challenges.

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Summary of Class Results

Once the simulation is complete, your class results are automatically populated into a debriefing presentation to easily share with your students, making trends and high scores easy to decipher and discuss. Use your facilitator's guide to lead this presentation and discussion.


From your initial quote to a post simulation follow up, Forio provides friendly, direct, and personalized support via phone or email.

Facilitator Preparation

After purchase, a Forio simulation specialist schedules a one-on-one training session to ensure that you are familiar with all aspects of the simulation (excludes accredited academic purchases). Your purchase also includes a detailed facilitatorÔÇÖs guide written by faculty at the authoring institution (Harvard, MIT, Wharton, Kellogg, Arizona State University).


Student results are available to facilitators but are not shared across groups. Individual student logins help prevent students sharing results among themselves.

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