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Individual Learner Engagement

Each learner receives a unique account to the simulation. Depending upon the simulation, they may work either as a team or individually.

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Session Results

Once the simulation is complete, the session results are automatically populated into a debriefing presentation to easily share with the participants. This makes spotting trends and high scores easy to decipher.


From setting your sessions up to processing the payment, we provide assistance to you via phone, email and through e-meetings. We also provide technical assistance during our business hours.


After purchase, a Forio simulation specialist schedules a one-on-one training session to ensure that you are familiar with all aspects of the simulation. Your purchase also includes a detailed facilitator’s guide written by faculty at the authoring institution (Harvard, MIT, Wharton, Kellogg, Arizona State, and more). If you want one of our expert external facilitator’s to come in to conduct the sessions, we are happy to arrange that, too.


Learner results are available only to the facilitators and not shared across the teams. Each learner has a unique login which prevents them from knowing each other’s results.

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