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John Sterman Addresses UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on Climate Change

Earlier this week, Dr. John Sterman addressed UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on climate change:

Dr. John Sterman of MIT Sloan and Climate Interactive had the honor of speaking to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon yesterday in New York on the occasion of the entry into force of the Paris Agreement. Dr. Sterman represented a group of scientific NGOs that have been critical to elevating climate science in the negotiations, to the media, and out to the broader public. Source: Climate Interactive press release

Dr. Sterman’s address summarized his role with many organizations, including MIT, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and Climate Interactive, and emphasized the value of simulations:

“Research shows that showing people research doesn’t work. So we develop interactive tools that empower people to learn for themselves.” Source: Climate Interactive press release, transcript of Dr. Sterman’s address

As long-time friends of Forio know, Prof. Sterman has been an important influence on our work.

In his role as director of the Sustainability Initiative at the MIT Sloan School of Management, he is an author of the models powering several of our most popular simulations, including Fishbanks: Renewable Resource Management, CleanStart: Simulating a Clean Energy Startup, and the recently-released Driving the Future: Alternative Fuel Vehicle Market Simulator.

His work with Climate Interactive includes the En-ROADS climate simulation model, used in the 2016 NASPAA Student Simulation Competition. The C-Learn Climate Simulation, a simplified variation of the En-ROADS simulation, is available publicly for anyone interested in further exploring climate change.

Watch the entire address below: