PFG Bank

Credit Card Exercise

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Simulation Overview

In this exercise, the fictitious firm PFG Bank is in the process of product design. Students review a variety of products (12 versions of a credit card) and detailed information about several thousand potential customers. Then, students plan and implement two rounds of direct mail campaigns — a test and a rollout, each with different associated costs. Each campaign can consist of up to 12 different product solicitations sent to up to 750,000 prospects. Naturally, the ability to tailor product offerings increases company profits. Students are scored based on profit achieved after the test and rollout.

Learning Focus

  • Demonstrate test-cell marketing
  • Estimate Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) for different market segments
  • Illustrate the benefits of product tailoring

Topics Covered

  • Test-cell Marketing
  • Product Tailoring
  • Market Research

Each simulation comes with a Teaching Guidebook for the facilitator along with 1:1 facilitator training and free trials.

This simulation is by Darden Business Publishing and Forio

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