Marketing: Media Attribution

Understand Effective Marketing Spend Across Multiple Channels

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Simulation Overview

During this simulation, you will choose a set of advertising campaigns that are rolled out through any of five different channels. To determine which campaigns and channels to select, you will use regression analysis techniques to analyze the past year’s sales data. You can also use A/B testing to predict the effectiveness of new campaigns and marketing channels before rolling out the campaigns for the full year.

Time Requirement

  • Introduction - 15 minutes
  • Game Play - 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • Debrief - 45 minutes to 1 hour

The Story

You are the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of ExerciseMinder Devices, Inc, a provider of wearable fitness trackers in the US. Your flagship product is the ExerciseMinder Pro, an intelligent wristwatch which is used to track exercise efforts and physical activity.

Your research shows that the product is held in high-regard by physical fitness enthusiasts (who dedicate specific time to exercise activity 3 or more times a week), but has not been widely adopted by consumers who engage in lighter exercise regimens.

Your task is to direct marketing efforts towards campaigns that will grow your subscription base and maintain a healthy marketing ROI. ExerciseMinder’s corporate board and executive management has set out specific goals for you.

Learning Focus

  • Regression analysis techniques over sales data
  • A/B testing different campaigns to predict the effectiveness
  • Uncovering the relationships between media channels
  • Marketing Return-on-Investment

Topics Covered

  • Google search, TV ads, email, and social media channels
  • New customer acquisition and customer retention
  • Customer segmentation
  • Click through rates and conversions

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